Software Engineer

Location: Springfield, OR

Ref#: 1648.2724

posted: 6-Oct-2017

Responsible for analyzing, designing, debugging and/or modifying software; or evaluating, developing, modifying and coding software programs to support programming needs. Maintain and enhance existing code with focus on implementation. Collaborate with and assist team of engineers in writing functional, design and user interface specifications. Follow software lifecycle process when developing software. Help identify solutions to problems encountered in software cycle. Implement solutions for highly technical problems and complex product components with desired turnaround time and responsiveness. Engage effectively with Technical Support, Field teams, and customers to understand the context of reported issues, narrow down on the actual problem, providing convince responses, and winning confidence to achieve Customer Delight. Provide Technical leadership to the CRT team members in validating solutions/approaches and conducting code reviews. Establish as an expert and a go-to person in the team. Understand\Translate customer requirements and provide suggestions for effective product deployment and optimal usage of the product to meet customer needs. Achieve functional and technical objectives in creative and effective ways. Engage with customers on-site for design reviews, compliance automation and product deployment and best practices as well as gather feedback to be fed to engineering teams for continuous product improvement. Demonstrate sharp learning curve to acquire understanding of new technologies, platforms, and product code base to be able to support multiple product releases for sustenance. Contributes to the development of innovative principles and ideas. Utilizes graduate-level research and analysis skills. Employer will accept Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related technical field and 3 year(s) of work experience in job offered or 3 year(s) of work experience in a computer-related occupation. Position requires: 1.,, C/C++, PowerShell scripting Platforms 2. Windows, Linux Microsoft SQL Server database - schema design, query design, performance tuning Frameworks: Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, WinForms, Web Development Frameworks, Crystal Reports SDK Debugging tools: - Wireshark, ethereal, Netmon, Fiddler for network analysis 3. DebugDiag, WinDbg, Procdump, ProcMon for Windows processes 4. SQL Profiler - For CCS\ESM\AM product debugging, defect fixes, and feature enhancements 5. Windows, Linux, and VMWare Configuration management and security - Microsoft ADLDS\ADAM, Windows Domains and Domain Services, Kerberos, Windows Communication Foundation, Crystal Reports – 6. SQL Server, Oracle scripting and configuration management - IIS for web deployment 7. Databases - Microsoft SQL Server (v2005, v2008, v2012, v2014) and Oracle database. Schema designing, Writing complex SQL, Troubleshooting real time performance issues, Performance tuning at large scale, SQL Profiler. 8. Reporting – Crystal Reports, Web development 9. Debugging – WinDbg, DebugDiag, ProcDump, ProcMon, Wireshark, Ethereal, Netmon, Fiddler 10. Platform/OS: Windows OS, Configuration management, Windows Communication Foundation, IIS, Domain and Domain Services, Microsoft ADLDS/ADAM, Security 11. Platform/OS: Linux OS 12. Compliance and Security Assessment- security Mandates, Standards, Frameworks and Regulations work.