Software QA Engineer

Location: Mountain View, CA

Ref#: 1648.6318

posted: 8-Jun-2018

Responsible for developing, applying and maintaining quality standards for company products. Develop and execute software test plans. Analyze and write test standards and procedures. Debug software products through use of tests. Maintain documentation of test results to assist in debugging and modification of software. Analyze test results to ensure functionality and recommend corrective action. Provide quality assurance and quality control to ensure that only high- quality software is deployed to our customers. Understand the requirements that software is expected to meet by way of function specifications and requirements documentation. Design, implement, execute, and debug both manual test cases and automated test scripts using a variety of testing techniques. Develop and manage test cases, capture testing requirement, and generate test plans using any one of test management tools such as HP Quality Center, QMetry or JIRA. Create test cases based on testing requirements that are derived from reviewing product specifications, requirements, and discussions with Product Managers and Engineering. Set up test data in the database using various test strategies to create test plans and automation scripts as needed to reproduce issues and execute positive, negative, and edge case testing. Work with any one of the relational databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL. Use Agile or SCRUM development processes and software release processes to create effective test plans and automation scripts. Document product functionality and business logic using flowcharts and MS Word documents; Publish documentation on SharePoint and Wiki; Create QA related documentation and artifacts using MS Office and MS Project. Perform smoke testing on new product releases during nighttime deployments. Develop automation test scripts for smoke and regression test suites using any one of the languages such as Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python programming languages. Perform validation testing in web-based environments (HTML, Java, PHP, and SML). Use any one of the testing tools and JavaScript frameworks including Cucumber or Protractor. Develop automation for functional, load, regression, and performance testing. Conduct performance testing for web applications with large number of end users utilizing any one of the performance testing tools such as Jmeter, Selenium, and Apache Bench. Demonstrate understanding of web technologies including XML, CSS, HTTP, Webservers, application servers, and API Testing using SOAP Test tools. Create bug reports and communicate issues with development teams and stakeholders. Track product defects found during validation testing and report issue status and quality metrics to management; triage production support issues and work with Project Managers and development teams to resolve issues. Use Bugzilla and JIRA to track bugs and issues. Verify resolved defects in each release and perform manual and automated regression testing; summarize and report on test results, status, and issues. Collaborate effectively with multiple engineering, product, and business teams to deliver high quality and performant products to end users. Employer will accept a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field plus 3 years of experience in a software testing role involving development of automated test suites. Alternatively, Bachelor’s degree in in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field and 5 years experience in job offered or computer related occupation. Position requires: 1. three years of experience developing automation scripts using any one of the following technologies: JavaScript, Java, Python, or Ruby and experience performing validation testing in web-based environments; 2. Three years of experience with automation products and in developing Automation for Functional, Load, Regression and Performance Testing; 3. Three years of experience with relational database ; 4. Three years of experience with at least 3 of the following web technologies: HTTP, SOAP, XML, HTML and CSS; 5. Three years of experience capturing test requirements, test cases, and generating test plans using HP Quality Center (HPQC), QMetry or JIRA; 6. Three years of experience using MS Office and MS Project to create QA-related documentation and artifacts; 7. Three years experience in Agile or SCRUM development process and software release processes and experience using different test strategies to create test plans and automation scripts that cover positive, negative, and edge case testing.; 8. Two years of experience in Javascript frameworks such as Cucumber or Protractor.