Software Engineer

Location: Mountain View, CA

Ref#: 1648.2465

posted: 23-Nov-2016

Responsible for analyzing, designing, debugging and/or modifying software; or evaluating, developing, modifying and coding software programs to support programming needs. Maintain and enhance existing code with focus on implementation. Collaborate with and assist team of engineers in writing functional, design and user interface specifications. Follow software lifecycle process when developing software. Help identify solutions to problems encountered in software cycle. Lead projects to develop, refactor and modularize code in order to make the system more scalable as well as implement new features. Research changes in the iOS operating system to intercept OS Calls and implement security features. Lead technical design, work with other teams members to understand customer requirements and come up with meaningful solutions that take scalability, performance into consideration. Present and evaluate design solutions objectively and facilitate conflict resolution. Write iOS applications that interact with the operating System level. Design, implement, deploy and test end to end solutions. Be able to deploy production server onto Amazon cloud. Define REST interface for terminal applications and mobile applications to call. Present and evaluate design solutions objectively and facilitate conflict resolution. Participate in meetings & reviews with customers and team members. Review designs and code of others and take necessary corrective actions if needed. Utilizes graduate-level research and analysis skills. Employer will accept Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related technical field and 3 year(s) of work experience in job offered or in a computer-related occupation. Education or experience must also include: 1. Programming Skills with objective C, C++ 2. programming and operating System knowledge of iOS operating system 3. Mobile Development iOS (Objective C) 4. Linux Systems and programming in Linux 5. TCP/IP network protocol and programming 6. Experience with security and threat protection 7. Encryption & Decryption especially pertaining to mobile development in iOS 8. Protocols (http, https, upnp,zeroconf, arp, dhcp) 9. Unix 10. Java, SQL