Database Manager

Location: Mountain View, CA

Ref#: 1648.3376

posted: 16-Jun-2017

Support all non-product and product databases including installation, configuration, upgrade, backup and recovery. Design, install, configure and maintain monitoring system. Database performance tuning at system and application levels. Maintain and scale the NoSQL database clusters in several cloud environments (AWS, Azure, etc.) both in production and development. Monitor and attend to system alerts, drive query optimizations and deployment improvements. Work with engineering teams to deliver and operate large scale, distributed services in the cloud. Employer will accept Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related technical field, and 8 years of work experience in job offered or 8 years of work experience in a computer-related occupation. Professional experience or academic knowledge must include: 1. Mongo Database Training and Maintenance 2. Database design and query optimization 3. AWS deployment 4. MMS (Mongo Monitoring) Cloud Simple possession of the skills, knowledge and/or experience listed here is acceptable. Such skills, knowledge and/or experience need not be maintained over the full term of experience.