Software QA Engineer

Location: Mountain View, CA

Ref#: 1648.1744

posted: 8-Jun-2018

Responsible for developing, applying and maintaining quality standards for company products. Develop and execute software test plans. Analyze and write test standards and procedures. Debug software products through use of tests. Maintain documentation of test results to assist in debugging and modification of software. Analyze test results to ensure functionality and recommend corrective action. Act as the Scrum master for assigned projects using Agile methodologies. Work across multiple teams to identify, document and track dependencies. Work with architects, product management, internal customers and remote teams to design and maintain a reliable SAAS platform based on customer driven requirements. Develop efficient test strategies and processes to catch defects before they make it into Production. Monitor and support Operations team maintaining production environment that provides online service 24x7. Assist with long-range project planning and serves as liaison between management and engineering team. Guide team to adhere to Engineering standards and practices. Contribute to team initiatives and form and implement team processes. Mentor in areas of testing functional testing, security, globalization, load and performance testing. Keeping up with latest trends and technologies, function as team lead, technical contact, write code, perform code reviews, create and review test designs, contribute to test automation, make recommendations and give technical presentations on designs and functionality. Lead a team of engineers (Developers and QA) in scrum processes to deliver high quality software, and train and mentor junior engineers to become strong contributors on the team. Employer will accept Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related technical field and 7 years of work experience in job offered or in a computer-related occupation. Position requires 5 years experience in the following: 1. Experience as lead tester coordinating testing SAAS software pertaining to online backup, remote access, endpoint encryption and endpoint protection as a service through software methodologies and principles adapted for SAAS; 2. Experience clearly understanding needs of group to strategically hire, lead and professionally develop an effective team; members residing in both local and remote locations; 3. Experience in the technical aspects of shared components used in antivirus/malware products; 4. Experience as SAAS software release manager involved in developing innovative principles and ideas ensuring high availability, high quality weekly releases of over 70+ components on over 100+ virtual and physical Windows and Linux systems providing seamless ongoing service improvements for customers or the company in antivirus/malware industry; 5. Experience as team's primary point of contact for external requests for troubleshooting antivirus/malware software in large-scale enterprise environments 6. Creating in-house automation tools using .NET Framework, Selenium, various scripting technologies, CCNET, Jenkins, VMWare and integrating such tools in a manner that leads to an overall automation framework that is reusable and extensible; 7. Experience working with diverse teams within the company to design, implement and document entire SAAS platform that is robust and achieve a high level of quality; 8. Experience demonstrating ability to refactor C++, C# code utilized in developing software in enterprise environment; 9. Mentoring and SQA Engineers at lower levels on all aspects of QA Engineering and software development, deliver technical presentations as necessary to support junior engineer's career development; 10. Experience advising and performing highly complex research, design and development of software and software quality assurance processes; 11. Software testing of cloud based services with experience in Online Backup as a Service and Endpoint Protection as a Service; 12. SQA concepts and methods, Windows and Linux OS fundamentals, Web and Windows services, Networking and load balancing; 13. Experience reading and understanding multiple programming languages including C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, XML, ASP.NET, VB.NET, and SQL; and 14. Isolating difficult issues at the subsystem or project level Background in security.